Titanium grade, Gr1, Gr5
Grade de titane, Gr1, emprunte
Titan Grad, Gr1, Gr5
Grau de tit^anio, 1], Gr5
Grado de titanio, Gr1, Gr5
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Titanium grade

Titanium grade

There are a number of grades of commercially pure (unalloyed) titanium as identified in ASTM B265 (Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr7, Gr11, and Gr12). Each grade has a different amount of impurity content (Grade 1 has lowest impurities). Grade 1 to 4 is classified as pure even though grade 4 is much stronger and less ductile than grade 1. Grade 4 contains higher levels of oxygen which is classified (for pure titanium) as an alloying element. Oxygen and Nitrogen and Carbon are all interstitial alloys (they insert themselves in the crystal interstices of the crystals and prevent relative sliding). They therefore increase the hardness and reduce the ductility. Oxygen is the main element controlling the strength of unalloyed titanium.

Titanium grade 1
It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in highly oxidizing to mildly reducing environments, including chlorides. It has good impact properties at low temperatures. In addition, Titanium Grade 1 can be easily welded, machined, cold worked and hot worked. It is nonmagnetic.
Titanium grade 2
Commercially Pure Grade 2 titanium is widely used as it combines excellent formability and moderate strength with superior corrosion resistance.It is slightly stronger than Ti Grade 1, makes it an ideal material for a large variety of chemical and marine application.
Titanium grade 3
CP (Commercially Pure) Grade 3 is unalloyed titanium providing higher mechanical strength (typical yield strength 462 MPa) compared with CP Grades 1 and 2 and ASME code case allowable stresses combined with moderate ductility and excellent weldability. Grade 3 titanium has a density of 4.51 g/cc - less than 60% that of steel.
Titanium grade 4
Commercially Pure Titanium is graded between 1 to 4 depending on the strength and allowable levels of elements, Gr 4 is the strongest of these grades with minimum yield strength of 480 MPa (70 ksi). This grade is suitable in applications where strength and corrosion resistance are important.
Titanium grade 5
Titanium Alloy Gr 5 Ti6Al4V (Ti64) is the most widely used titanium alloy which is also heat treatable. Gr 5 is also classed as an alpha-beta alloy and most widely used in high strength applications including aerospace, offshore, marine and power generation.
Titanium grade 7
Titanium Palladium Alloy Gr 7 (Ti Pd Alloy) is the most corrosion resistant of all currently available titanium alloys, this grade is especially well suited to applications requiring resistance to general as well as localized crevice corrosion.
Titanium grade 9
Titanium alloy Gr9 can be used in higher temperatures than commercially pure titanium grades 1-4, as it can be cold rolled with its excellent corrosion resistance capability its used in industrial, aerispace and sporting equipments. Ti 3-2.5 is also otherwise called half grade of grade 5.
Titanium grade 12
Titanium alloy grade 12 Ti-0.8Ni-0.3Mo titanium-nickel-molybdenum alloy is widely used in manufacture of chemical process equipments and tanks.
Titanium grade 23
Titanium Alloy Gr23 Ti6Al4V Eli (Ti64) is the most widely used titanium alloy in medical implants and tools due to low levels of oxygen, carbon and Iron content compared to traditional grade 5. ELI - Extra Low interstitial version of Ti6Al4V is also an alpha-beta alloy with excellent bio compatability.
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