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Product Detailed Specification

Appearance Purity Density Supply state Quality standards
Tungsten intorduction Silver white metal luster W≥99.95% not less than 19.1g/cm3
Surface polishing, CNC machine processing GB/T 3875-2006 (tungsten plate)

Application field: Aerospace, rare earth smelting, electric light source, chemical equipment, medical equipment, metallurgy machinery, smelting equipment, petroleum, and other fields.

Features: For the tungsten target after spraying and sintering, the diameter of the average transparent texture is 100um or smaller, with oxygen content of 20ppm or less, and the deflection wrestling is about 500Mpa.Increasing production of unprocessed metal powder and increasing sintering capacity can keep the cost of tungsten target at a low price. After sintering, the tungsten target has a high density. And it has a high level of transparent frame which can not be reached by traditional pressing sintering methods. What’s more, it significantly improved the deflection wrestling,  which lead to a significant reduction of particulate matter.

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