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Product Detailed Specification

Tungsten wires introduction

Diameter 0.01mm~2.00mm
Grade W1, W2, WAL1, WAL2, WAL3
Dendity Purity 99.92%, 99.98% can also be achieved if special demanded.
Quality GB/T  4181-1997(tungsten wire)ASTM B760-86
Specification electrical 0.055 Ohm x mm2/m resistance at 20 °C.
Modulus of elasticity 410 kN/mm2, at 20 °C.

We try our best to explore new products with high quality and have formed the capacity to manufacture seriestungsten products, including all kinds of black and cleaned tungsten twisting wires, conductor wire, tungsten heater, doped tungsten wire, non-sag tungsten wire, tungsten rhenium wires etc.

Tungstun wire grade
Type1: WAL1

Purity of tungsten: ≥99.92
Application :
Double – screwy filament. Filament for high colour temperature lamp and shockproof lamp etc.
Filament for incandescent lamp. Cathode for emitting tube. High temperature electrodes. Twisted tungsten wire etc.
Folded – heater for electronic tube, etc.
Type 2: WAL2
Putity of tungstun: ≥99.92
Application :
Filament for fluorescent lamp etc.
Heater for electronic tube. Filament for incandescent lamp. Twisted tungsten wire etc.
Folded – heater for electronic tube, etc.
Type 3: WAL3
Purity of tungstun: ≥99.92
Appication : Filament for normal lamp. Spring wire for semiconductors, etc.
Type 4: W1
Purity of tungstun:  ≥99.95
Application : Tungsten wire in twisted and heating parts etc.
Type 5: W2
Purity of tungstun: ≥99.92
Appication : Grid side rod for electron tube. Tungsten wire in twisted etc.

Polishing and white surface products are available, special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements.

Production process of tungstun wire materials -- spin forging -- annealing -- turntable controling -- annealing -- multi-mode controling -- tungsten wire
Production equipments spin forging machine, the turntable draw bench, multimode draw bench, annealing furnace
Application of tungsten wires Tungstun wire is made with the tungsten powder which purity is 99.95%, it has a good high-temperature tensile strength and corrosion resistance after sintering, forging, and drawing,Tungsten wires are mainly applied for automobile manufacturing, aerospace and so on.

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