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Product Detailed Specification

Titanium screw is a tool concept, its classification has round head screw, self - tapping screw, hexagon screw, countersunk head screw, a word of screw.


Standard for technical specifications of fastener products. Including product tolerance, mechanical properties, surface defects, surface treatment, product testing standards and corresponding specific aspects of the content.


Product: titanium screw, titanium bolt, titanium nut, titanium screw

Material TA1TA2TC4Gr1Gr2Gr5

StandardGB DIN ISO




Titanium screw Type :

Round head screw, tapping screw, hexagonal screw, countersunk screw, word screw, square head screw, double head screw, non-standard screw, fastening screw, standard screw, flat head screw


Titanium bolt type:

Hexagon nut, self-locking nut, ring nut, knurled nut, slot nut, hexagonal nut for precision machinery, non-standard shaped nut.

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