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Product Detailed Specification

Molybdenum boats introduction

Appearance silver grey metal luster
Density not less than 10.1g/cm3
Supply state processing
Quality standards GB/T 3876-2007 (molybdenum & molybdenum alloy plates)


Specifications of Molybdenum boats

1. Height: 2~100
2. Width: 10~900
3. Length: 20~900
4. Thickness: 0.20~8

Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Production process Materials (molybdenum plates) -- cutting -- bending -- welding or riveted -- surfacing -- molybdenum boats
Production equipments Wire cutting machine, water jet, bending machine, riveting machine, argon arc welding, sandblasting machine
Applications Made with the rolling molybdenum plate which density is 10.1g/cm3, molybdenum boat has a square appearance, level bottom and accurate size. It plays an important role in the sintering of high precision ceramic and tungsten heavy alloy.

Materials for molybdenum boat have two kinds:
one is pure molybdenum; the other is high temperaturemolybdenum added rare earth. Atmosphere requirement is the same, but service life is different, so does the application. Pure molybdenum is used for evaporation coating, and high temperature molybdenum for sintering.

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