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Product Detailed Specification

Molybdenum rod has high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion performance.In high temperature, can be antioxidant, high strength. Molybdenum rod can be used to manufacture electric vacuum device and electric light source parts, also can be used as high temperature heating body and high temperature structure parts, electrode and so on.


Molybdenum rod introduction

Appearance silver grey metal luster
Purity Mo≥99.95%
Density not less than 10.2g/cm3
Supply state annealing or processing
Quality standards GB/T 17992-1999, GB/T 4188-1984 ,ASTM B387-90

Specifications of Molybdenum rod

Unit: mm

Width Length Surface State Diameter/height
bar 14 400 bright sinter 14
rod 10~400 bright sinter 200~400
10~900 black forged 100~200
10~1200 black forged 20~100

Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Production process Materials -- CIP -- IF induction sintering -- forging—annealing -- mechanical processing -- Molybdenum rod
Production equipments Cool isostatic pressing machine(CIP), IF induction sintering furnace, forging machine, coreless grinder ,CNC vertical turning machine, wire cutting machine
Application Since the density is 10.2 g/cm3,and the melting point has reached 2640oC, Molybdenum rods with high temperature resistance and high creep resistance often used in high-temperature furnace, vacuum furnace, and sapphire crystal furnace. Molybdenum added rare earth or TZM added Titanium, Zirconium, C elements has a higher recrystallization temperature and better high temperature creep resistance, it is  widely used in aerospace, military weapons, etc.

Bango can provide molybdenum bars and rods that made with molybdenum powder which purity is 99.95%. After sintering and forging, the density of molybdenum rod basically comes close to molybdenum’s theory density, so they have a good high-temperature strength and electrochemical corrosion resistance.

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