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Product Detailed Specification

Testing items for titanium tube and titanium pipe of titanium coil heat exchanger

Chemical composition and mechanical properties
Bending, flaring, flattening, hydraulic, eddy current, ultrasonic (against different specification or specific requirement by customer)


1. High heat transfer efficiency

Because the transfer pipe of titanium heat exchanger adopts threaded tube, the passage section of the tube continuously changes, resulting in the fluid is always in a high turbulence state even when the velocity is very low.It is difficult to form laminar flow, so that the main heat resistance of convection heat transfer is effectively overcome, and the heat transfer inside and outside the tube is strengthened at the same time, so the heat transfer coefficient of titanium tube heat exchanger is very high, which is generally 2 ~ 3 times that of the traditional light titanium tube heat exchanger.

2. Strong  anti-scaling ability

3. Strong stress compensation ability

4. Compact structure, small and light

Because the heat transfer coefficient of the threaded titanium tube heat exchanger is very high, the heat transfer area required is small, and the thickness of the threaded tube is relatively thin, so the threaded titanium tube heat exchanger is compact, small and light.


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