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Product Detailed Specification

Grade Purity Impurity element Density Appearance Grade
Mo1 99.95(%) 0.05(%) ≥18.3g/cm³ Silver gray metal luster GB/T 4187-1984; ASTM F288-90

Supply state: Sintering or drilling state

Size range: ODΦ(1.0~50)mm×wall thickness(0.1~5)mm×(50~1000)mm 

Special specification can be made based on customer’s requirements


Production process:
Sintered molybdenum tube: Isostatic pressure - intermediate frequency sintering - machining - finished sintered molybdenum tube. 
Drilling molybdenum pipe: Finished molybdenum rod - drilling - wire cutting(
If the wall thickness is ≥0.1mm, which require wire cutting.

Application: Tungsten pipe is mainly used in thermocouple protection pipe in high temperature furnace, sapphire single crystal furnace, supporting parts in high temperature sintering furnace, etc.

Advantages: High dimensional accuracy, highly polished inner and outer surface, good straightness, no deformation under high temperature strength.

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