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Product Detailed Specification

Molybdenum chips are dark brown and silver gray metallic luster after alkaline washing.Can be produced according to the width, thickness, smooth surface, flat, no heavy skin, delamination, crack, crack edge, impurity clip and other defects.



Molybdenum sheets introduction

Appeaeance silver white metal luster
Purity Mo≥99.95%
Density not less than 10.1g/cm3
Supply tate vacuum anneal
Quality standard GB/T 3876-2007 (molybdenum & molybdenum alloy plate)

Specifications of Molybdenum sheets

Molybdenum plate Molybdenum sheet
Thickness 8.0~16.0 3.0~8.0 1.5~3.0 0.5~1.5 0.2~0.5
Width 10~660 10~660 10~660 10~660 10~660
Length 10~660 10~800 10~2000 10~2650 10~2650
Surfacace alkali wash alkali wash Acid cleaning Acid cleaning Acid cleaning
Rolled condition hot rolled hot rolled Cold rolled Cold rolled Cold rolled

Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Production process Materials -- Hot rolling -- annealing -- cold rolling -- leveling -- annealing -- Cut -- molybdenum sheet
Production equipments Hot mill, four-high cold mill, vacuum annealing furnace, W43G series straightener, hydraulic plate shears, water jet, wire cutting machine, flat-stone mill
Appication Since the melting point of molybdenum has reached 2560oC, molybdenum sheet is widely used in reflection shield, cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace, reflection shield, heating tape, connecting pieces applied invacuum furnace, sputtering target applied in plasma coating film, and high temperature resistance boat.
Quality stansard GB/T 3875-2006 (tungsten plate)

When temperature is beyond 1200oC, pure molybdenum will completely recrystallizate quickly. To improve the property, engineers added other elements to molybdenum to increase the recrystallization temperature. Studies suggested that the complete recrystallization temperature of molybdenum with doped chemical reached 1800oC.

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