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Product Detailed Specification

Purity is one of the main properties of the titanium target, because the purity of the target has a great effect on the properties of the film. In addition, density is also one of the key performance indicators of target materials. In order to reduce the porosity in the target solids and improve the properties of the sputtering film, the titanium target is usually required to have a higher density. The higher the density of the target, the better the performance of the film.


Name: Titanium target

Grade: Commercially pure (Grade 1, Grade 2), Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5), Ti-Al alloy, Ti-Cr alloy, Ti-Ni alloy, Ti-Si alloy, Ti-Zr alloy

Titanium target surface: Precisely machined / ground, shinny bright surface

Titanium target forms: Circular / planar / tubular (Custom-made form as per drawing)

Purity: Above 99.99%

Primarily used specification for titanium sputtering target:
As per general industry standard or customer’s specific demand

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