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Zirconium’s high demand driving zirconium prices continue to rise

According to the annual report of a number of international zirconium sand enterprises in the first half of 2018, because the output has not kept pace with demand, they have to start to consume stocks, which has led major enterprises to continue to raise the international zircon sand prices.On the other hand, China, as the largest consumer of zirconium sands in the world, accounts for about 50-60% of the global consumption per year, with low prices in July and August.The decline in domestic consumption has not affected the international market at present. According to international authoritative organizations, global zircon production will drop to about 1.2 million tons in 2018. At present, RBM cannot guarantee normal supply in the fourth quarter.At present, the market has limited new production, with only a 2019 project in Australiaundefineds Orient zirconium industry and a new Iluka mine likely to be put into production, totaling about 60,000 tons of incremental production, but at present the market is not available, and the overall supply of zircon sand remains tight.Domestic production of ceramics and glass has fallen, and trade wars have affected exports, leading to weak demand for zircon sand, all of which are temporary, and prices are expected to continue to rise slowly later in the year.

Under the influence of ILUCK price increase, domestic zirconium sand quoted price has some firm, but still presents the polarized situation, domestic ordinary zirconium sand demand is low, the enterprise inventory is relatively large, the price pressure is severe.Domestic imports of zirconium sand prices are still strong, later imports of zirconium sand prices are expected to rise further.

Domestic zirconium market competition is fierce, insufficient demand, price war is inevitable,The quotation of zirconium silicate is obviously different recently. The quotation of 64.5 zirconium silicate from Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces in southern China is concentrated at 14500-15000 yuan / ton, and the transaction price is more than 14500 yuan / ton.Domestic small manufacturers offer relatively low 64.5 zirconium silicate price concentrated at 14000-14500 yuan / ton, the transaction price is basically below 14500 yuan / ton.At present, the environmental protection wind is rising again, the ceramic market is still not good. Some Zirconium silicate manufacturers say that they are basically in a state of low price but no market.

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