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The Reasons for the Difficult Processing of Titanium Alloy

  Titanium alloys have many excellent properties, such as light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance and good stability. But it is difficult to cut. Now Bango Alloy will analyze the reasons for you.


Low heat conductivity

  The thermal conductivity of most titanium alloys is very low, only 1/7 of steel and 1/16 of aluminum.Therefore, in the process of cutting of titanium alloy heat will not quickly passed to the artifact or taken away by chip, but agglomerated in cutting area,which leads to the heat temperature higher than 1 000 ℃ . The heat temperature makes the cutter blade quickly worn out, cracked, and generated the  built-up edge. The quick wear of the blade makes  the cutting area generate more heat, further shortening the tool life.


Severe hardening occurs during processing
  The hardening phenomenon is obvious in titanium alloy processing. Compared with stainless steel, the surface hardening layer of titanium alloy is more serious, which will cause some difficulties in subsequent processing.
  Low thermal conductivity, severe hardening, high affinity with cutter and small plastic deformation are the essential reasons for the difficult processing of titanium alloy. Its cutting index is only 20% of easy-cut steel.

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