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Product Detailed Specification

Grade Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade7 Grade 9 Grade 12
Alloy Commercially pure Commercially pure Ti-6Al-4V Ti-0.15Pd Ti-3Al-2.5V Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni
DIN 3.7025 3.7035 3.7164/5 3.7235 3.7195 3.7105
UNS R50250 R50400 R56400 R52400 R56320 R53400

Standard: GB/T 16598-1996; ASTM B348,ASTM B381,AMS 4928.


OD(mm) ID(mm) Thickness(mm)
200~400 100~300 20~120
400~700 150~500 40~250
700~1500 300~1200 40~600

Process technology: Forging, die forging, rotary forging, fine forging, welding

Test: Tensile strength test, hardness test, chemical composition test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, osmotic coloring test.

Surface treatment: Auto finish, chamfering.

Surface quality: Ra value of two end surfaces should be no more than 3.2l displacement m(subject to the requirement of ultrasonic testing), the surface roughness Ra of the inner and outer surface should be no more than 12.5mm (Ra should be no more than 3.2mm when the outer circumference surface needs to be ultrasonic testing), and the chamfering radius should be 5 ~ 15mm.

Application field: Aerospace, aviation, military, light industry, chemical industry, textile, medical and petrochemical industries.

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