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Product Detailed Specification

Classification: titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, pure titanium spectacle wire, titanium straight wire, pure titanium wire, titanium welding wire, titanium hanging wire, titanium disk wire, titanium bright wire, medical titanium wire, titanium nickel alloy wire.

Specification: Titanium wire: φ0.8-φ6.0mm
Titanium spectacle wire: φ1.0-φ6.0mm

Titanium wire for hanger: φ0.2-φ8.0mm


Grade Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade7 Grade 9 Grade 12 Grade 23
Alloy Commercially pure Commercially pure Commercially pure Commercially pure Ti-6Al-4V Ti-5Al-2.5Sn Ti-0.15Pd Ti-3Al-2.5V Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni Ti-6Al-4V ELI
DIN 3.7025 3.7035 3.7055 3.7065 3.7164/5 3.7114 3.7235 3.7195 3.7105
UNS R50250 R50400 R50550 R50700 R56400 R54520 R52400 R56320 R53400 R56401

GR: TA1,TA2,TA3,TA4,TA5,TA6,TA7,TA9,TA10,TC1,TC2,TC3,TC4,TC6,TC11,GR1,GR2,GR3,      GR5 Ti6AL4V ELI,Ti6AL7Nb,Ti13Nb13Zr,Ti1533

Delivery status: Hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing.

Surface: Pickled surface, shiny surface.

Application: Military equipment, medical use, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headdress, plating hangers, welding wire and other industries.

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