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The Application of Tantalum in Medical Treatment


Tantalum can play an important role in modern medicine. Bango Alloy research professionals show that tantalum dose no damage to the human body. Not only that, human muscle can grow on it, which is known as biosolubility in medical field. Doctors use tantalum to repair and seal fractures and defects in the fractured skull and extremities of the body. At the same time, tantalum can be made into filaments, which is one tenth thinner than a human hair. This kind of tantalum filament used as suture for visceral surgery, or embedded in an artificial eye. It can even replace tendons and nerve fibers. Doctors make artificial ears out of tantalum plates, which are installed on the head and then transplanted skin from the leg. After a period of time, the newly transplanted skin grows so well that one can hardly see it as an artificial tantalum ear.

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