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The Application of Tungsten Boat

The tungsten boat is also called evaporative tungsten boat or coated tungsten boat, which is formed by high temperature stamping of tungsten sheet. Tungsten boat comes in many sizes and shapes and is generally used in the evaporation industry. Bango Alloy manufacturers make metal tungsten into a ship-shaped components, and connect two ends of the parts with wires. After that, workers will have a low melting point metal placed in the middle concave position. When the temperature of the tungsten boat rises to about 2000 degrees, the metal will be evaporated into gas and be plated on the surface of workpieces. (


Because of its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, tungsten boat is widely used in the electronics industry such as picture tubes, mirrors, toys, household appliances, mobile phones, and electrical enclosures. In addition, the tungsten boat has high melting point, low saturated vapor pressure and stable chemical properties, so it is widely used as a resistive evaporation source in the vacuum evaporation coating industry. As an essential part of vacuum coating equipment, the choice of tungsten boat determines the quality of coating.

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