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The domestic molybdenum concentrate market is keeping smoothly

Molybdenum, a kind of mental element. Molybdenum is a silver white metal, hard and tough, high melting point and high thermal conductivity. It does not react with air at ambient temperature.As a transition element, it is easy to change its oxidation state, the color of molybdenum ion also changes with the change of oxidation state. The average content of molybdenum in the crust is 0.00011%. The global reserves of molybdenum resources are about 11 million tons and the proven reserves are about 19.4 million tons. Molybdenum is widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, electrical and electronic technology, medicine and agriculture due to its advantages of high strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Recently, the international molybdenum market continued to decline, and the domestic molybdenum market was affected by this, which prompted some manufacturers in Molybdenum reduce their quotation. Today, the domestic ferromolybdenum market is relatively bleak. Today, the domestic mainstream ferromolybdenum price is between 10.9-11.2 million yuan/ ton. Molybdenum iron market continues to operate under pressure, raw material quote still high and reluctant to sell at low prices.Tender demand of steel factory is not good, the Tender price is lower than expected. The market transaction volume is reduced. Domestic supply of molybdenum concentrate raw materials continues to be tight, under the extreme shortage of spot resources in the molybdenum market, the price of the molybdenum market will continue to rise at a high level. At present, the domestic price of ferromolybdenum has risen to 138000 yuan / ton. The new round of steel mill bidding prices gradually turn to 135-138,000 yuan / ton. The latter trend of molybdenum market will maintain an optimistic situation. In the future, the international ferromolybdenum market offer is temporarily stable, and it is reported that the international molybdenum oxide distribution offer is temporarily stable at US $10.5-10.7 / lb. European Ferro molybdenum quoted at $26.5-26.8 / kg. The domestic molybdenum concentrate market is keeping smoothly, and the spot stock of raw material molybdenum is still tight. Market inquiry active is down , manufacturers still cherish the mentality of sales, mostly to keep old order.

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